Festival Roffa Mon Amour
18 jul 2018 t/m 29 jul 2018

The 6th edition of Roffa Mon Amour takes place in Drijvend Paviljoen & LantarenVenster from July 18th – July 29th. Check out the variety of programs below.

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Roffa Mon Amour Film Selection

19.07 – 28.07

Start film program 22.15
Ten nights in a row we present our selection of outrageous and eccentric cinema. With our film program we celebrate distinctive world cinema focussing on upcoming directors. With our Throwback Thursday screenings we dive into film history and underline the essence of first feature films and daring innovative career moves of nowadays-renowned directors.

The Roffa Mon Amour Film Selection takes place in floating greenhouse Drijvend Paviljoen. The films are English spoken or with English subtitles.

Summer Film School Rotterdam

18.07 – 22.07

Dive into the work of auteur provocateur Brian De Palma and rive gauche Alain Resnais by renowned film experts and unique film screenings of recently digitalized films from various European film archives.

The lectures are English spoken. Read more.

Roffa Mon Amour Kids

28.07 + 29.07

Explore the amazing world of cinema with your children.

Roffa Mon Amour Kids Screenings


Two childhood classics will be screened in LantarenVenster.

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All tickets for Roffa Mon Amour are available at LantarenVenster.

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Practical info

Program Drijvend Paviljoen

Roffa Mon Amour Film Selection (19.07 – 28.07)

Film program starts at 22.15

Lectures Summer Film School (18.07 – 22.07)

Daily at 11.30 and 16.30

Roffa Mon Amour Kids (28.07 + 29.07)

From 11 – 17


Program LantarenVenster

Summer Film School Screenings (18.07 – 22.07)

Kids Films (25.07)

About Roffa Mon Amour

Roffa Mon Amour was founded in 2012 by Charlotte van Zanten and Lisa Smith. It all started with a huge fondness for arthouse cinema and has grown into a film platform showing cinematic talent from around the world. The foundation was brought to life to celebrate the work of intelligent, creative and noble directors that dare to challenge their audience to open their mind, to ruminate not swallow, to question never accept. With the annual film festival, Summer Film School and various other events, Roffa Mon Amour opens up the exiting, divers and inspiring world of cinema for a brought audience.

Come and celebrate film with us!